Hook up house speakers your car

Ht speakers would be wired up as normal ideally you would have a subwoofer pre-out to go to your subwoofer amplifier if using car equipment otherwise it would normally go to a powered (active. Turn on your stereo but before you do, make sure the volume is very low plug in the power source and turn the amplifier on you can now turn on your radio and turn the volume up to your normal listening level slowly adjust the gain switch on your amplifier to bring it up to the levels you will be listening at. Supplies car stereo speaker wire car speakers speaker boxes (homemade is an option) a psu a box to put them in (make sure to measure the size of your stereo plus your psu, which i failed to do) wire strippers and crimps something for cutting the box.

By danny briere, pat hurley hooking up speakers is prettyeasy after you’ve carefully positioned the speakers in your surround-sound home theater to hook up speakers, you just connect the speaker wires to the appropriate outlets on the a/v receiver. Because u are noy supposed to hook ur car system up to ur house because it will fucc ur voice coil up god askin sum dumbass questions yall must be sum cheapass mutha fackos instead of goin and buy a car audio system but ur home system. First get an amp that will do the power the speakers can handle at 4ohm then wire your speakers in parallel to one channel of the amp so the amp sees a 4ohm load (2 8ohm speakers wires in parallel will get you a 4ohm load) you will only need a 2 channel amp and then bridge it, or get a mon amp,,,or just use one channel of it.

A typical car stereo can power four speakers (two front and two rear) you'll need to identify the wires on the car stereo's wire harness to connect to the correct ones to hook up two front stereo speakers, connect the white/black and white wires to the left speaker, and the gray/black and gray wires to the right speaker. Theres plenty of ways to hook that up in your house, i have two audiobahn flame q's, and a 600 watt kenwood amp go to a car store and pick up a power converter, or battery charger and run your positive and remote wire to the positive of the power source and you can either run the negative from the amp to something grounded in your house or right off the negative on the power supply but befor. 2 run speaker wire from your car stereo head unit to your speakers consult your car stereo installation manual to determine which wires are assigned to speakers car stereo speaker wires are typically color-coded, though some manufacturers rely on the car's wiring harness to connect the correct leads to the proper speakers. Best answer: yes it's possible to hook up a car stereo speaker to a normal house stereo you just need to find out what specs your home stereo has if it is able to handle the low impedence of car stereo speakers, then all is good if not, then your very well likely going to blow the speaker outputs on your.

The best place to mount the box will usually be in the trunk or luggage compartment of your car an efficient design is a rectangular box with the speaker-mounting surface raked back on an angle. If your television has rca audio output ports, you will only need a set of audio cables to connect it to modern speakers if your tv doesn't have an audio out port but does have a headphone jack, you can use this to connect to computer or mp3-player speakers. Usually, connecting your new speaker is a fairly simple matter of plugging your speaker's wiring harness into the car's wiring harness however, if your car doesn't have this simple type of connection, you may need to connect your speaker with a soldered or crimped connection. The reason i got it was to hook up a few speakers i inherited in our new house, already set up in the back corners of the room, with our tv that part worked fine, as the speaker wires — the old fashioned analog kind, which you kind of wrench into the red/black ports in the back of the receiver (open, put wires in, then close shut)– were. Learning how to connect regular speakers to car stereo is fairly simple if you already know the basics keep in mind that you initially need to buy a speaker that is compatible with your car stereo connecting regular speakers is easier when they are compatible with your car stereo since they come with wires that are specifically compatible for your speaker brand.

I had them hooked up in my truck before i sold it and got a new car and i don't really want to but my subs in there i know how to hook the subs up in a vehicle so the only thing i dont know how to do is hook the amp to a power supply. The car audio help dvd catalog includes five different videos covering many areas of car audio installation and custom fabrication topics range from basic system installation (head units, amplifiers, speakers, etc) and mobile security (car alarms and remote start) to subwoofer box design and fiberglass fabrication. If you have a car audio subwoofer that is not used in your car, you may want to install it in your home to enhance your home stereo or theatre system this is a relatively easy task and does not require any special skills. Your left and right positive to your positive cable, your left and right negative to the negative cable lastly, wire your sub to the amp, plug your power supply into an outlet, get sound to your system and enjoy. The typical car speaker is four ohms and most home receivers are designed for eight ohms you would either need a receiver capable of driving four ohms or you would need to wire a pair of identical drivers in series to get eight ohms.

Hook up house speakers your car

In most cases, your home-use subwoofer is an active subwoofer this means that it probably has a built-in amplifier used to power the speaker however, it is usually a 120-volt amplifier, and your car battery produces only 12 volts you could purchase an inverted one, but those are a temporary solution at best. I want to hook up 2 jl w7's in my house and 2 jl 6'' splits i want to put a tweeter a speaker and a sub in each box i build they will be run by 2 amps each 1 would be a 1000watt jl amp and the other would just be any mono block that would run the jl split. The kicker key amp and ks speakers installed in hailey's ford escape installer diaries 120 - duration: 37:42 five star car stereo 29,068 views.

Car amp house hook up certified technicians working on cheap home before you will of current m-350 make a car stereo for the speakers in a car stereo you would need a speaker. Proud to be the first on instructables regarding hu's i'm going to show you how to wire up a car amplifier and headunit in your house without the need for a battery and charger this instructable will allow you to wire in the following configurations: amp and headunit steps 2-7 only the amp steps 2-5 only the headunit steps 3, 4-7 you want a powerful psu for this, the amps are important, the. Run wire and install speakers and distribution modules so that you can control music by remote control throughout the house next project new high-tech components make it easier than ever to install your own whole-house audio system.

One thing to consider is that your home audio receiver is designed to power 8 ohm speakers (sometimes 6) car stereo speakers are usually 4 ohm and sometimes 2. The same way you would hook up home speakers to your computer through a reciever you need to buy a cord that will convert the headphone jack that comes out of your pc to the rca cords that your reciever takes. Remove the old speakers, making sure to note the polarity of each terminal (the speaker's positive terminal is the larger of the two, and usually is marked with a + or a colored dot) use your wiring harness to attach the new speaker, or solder or crimp the connections as your installation requires. Your car amp has to give enough watts/power to the car speakers, so it gives the car speakers enough power to move the diaphragm 1 inch now, it's still gonna give that same power to your bookshelf speakers, still trying to move them 1 inch, which is a lot for a small speaker.

Hook up house speakers your car
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